Prosperity Through Collaboration

Prosperity Through Collaboration

The European Sales and Marketing Association (ESMA) was formed in 1976. Over the past 40 years, we have become Europe’s most prominent distributor and manufacturer organization for consumer goods. As a non-profit organisation, run by members on behalf of members, we stimulate the exchange of ideas, build connections, and leverage our contacts to drive local and export sales. A large part of our success has been through the collaboration of our international network. Today, we aim to increase the scope of our enterprise, and continually work towards the improvement of resources and knowledge available to members.

How We Do It

Our association stimulates the exchange of ideas and the building of relationships through our networking events.

David O’Neill, CEO, ESMA

Meet Our Members

Meet Our Members

Today, ESMA boasts more than 120 members across 36 markets in Europe and Internationally. Taken together, these members are responsible for manufacturing or distributing some of the largest global brands, strong local brands and many specialist products. We maintain strict standards to ensure our member directory is made up of only the most experienced and trustworthy businesses operating in the European and International value chain. As such, we can promise that any manufacturer or distributor associated with ESMA is one that you can trust.


Our Board

markus krick


Markus Krick


Markus Krick has held the position of Director of Strategic Planning & Acquisition since 2006. He is an ESMA board member since 2016 and a member of ESMA since 2006. Prior to his employment at Importhaus Wilms, he worked for a number of European bluechip companies involved in the food and beverage industry.

Importhaus Wilms is Germany´s leading independent distributor and outsourcing platform for premium FMCG. For more than 65 years Importhaus Wilms has brought innovative brands on the German market. As a part of Zertus Group, Hamburg/Germany, the company is still a family owned business.

Jana Vyskocilova

Vice President

Jana Vyskocilová

Czech Republic

Jana is the Director of International Brands at EMCO, the leading Independent Importer and Distributor of branded products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Jana has over 25 years’ experience of working in the FMCG Industry and is passionate about launching new brands and developing them to a leading position on the market. She has been apart of ESMA for over 14 years and has offered many valuable insights in her board member position.

Juan Manuel Rey Liebana

Past President

Juan Manuel Rey Liebana


Juan Manuel Rey Liebana has achieved 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing within the FMCG sector. Having been responsible for managing a complete P&L account, large teams of people and investment budgets, he is results-oriented and a true team player. Since 2007, Juan has acted as the Sales & Marketing Director at Varma in Spain. Juan’s previous experience includes sales, a marketing product portfolio, P&L, as well as negotiations with principals and distributors.

Martin Wathes

Past President / Treasurer

Martin Wathes

United Kingdom

For over 30 years, Martin Wathes has worked in Senior Sales and Marketing positions with Bluechip FMGC Companies. Since 2002 he has been the Managing Director of Worldwide Brands Ltd, a Sales and Marketing Distributor and Broker. Having been a member of ESMA for over 15 years, He believes wholeheartedly that the organisation is a well-established platform for networking and helping Brands find suitable partners. Martin served as the ESMA President in 2017.

Ludo Sleurs

Past President

Ludo Sleurs


Ludo is C.E.O. of P.A.B. Benelux, a Belgian company that was founded in 1862 under the name of Liebig Extract of Meat Company and has created many new products on the European market. With over 40 years of experience, Ludo’s previous work includes positions in different marketing, sales and general management functions for the companies of Alken-Maes, Vandemoortele, General Biscuits LU, Chocoladovny and Danone. Ludo has been a member of the ESMA board since 2012 and was the ESMA President in 2016.

Ola Liljeqvist

Board Member

Ola Liljeqvist


Ola is currently Head over Arvid Nordquist FMCG FOOD portfolio and a member of the Commercial Leadership Team at Arvid Nordquist. They have experienced continuous growth over the last 15 years and have become one of the leading distributors covering the Nordics. Over the years, Ola has held various positions but is now focused on the future development of their extensive portfolio of brands such as – Arvid Nordquist Coffee, Kikkoman, Tabasco, Del Monte, Ariel, Lenor, Kellogg, Pringle, HIPP, Sun Maid, Schär, Bollinger, KWV, Fisherman Friends and Storck. As an ESMA board member, Ola is excited to share his knowledge and experience to help build a prosperous future.

Board Member

Andrius Samaitis


Founder and Chairman of the Board of VILANDRA.

Founder of BIOSALA – a Natural and Organic Product Retail Store Chain in Lithuania.

Andrius was educated as radio physicist in Vilnius University and led many successful engineering projects. In 1992 he entered the FMCG sector and completed his EMBA studies at the Baltic Management Institute.

Vilandra Distribution company, under his leadership, secured well known nonfood brands such as Durex, Scholl, Vileda, Wilkinson Sword, Sensodyne, Biorepair , Carefree, Johnson‘s Baby, Listerine and Neutrogena, he also secured well know Confectionery Brands such as Haribo, Lindt, Fisherman’s Friend, Mentos , Chupa Chups and well known Baby Food Brands such as Similac, Semper today Vilandra manages all of the above Brands across, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets.

In 2008 Andrius became more and more involved in the Organic and Natural Product categories, first as a distributor and then also as a retailer. Working at developing his Biosala Retail business, he now spends allot of time meeting with organic product manufacturers, farmers and distributors, he participates in many events hosted by the organic product associations of Lithuania, Italy and Germany, all of the time trying to understand the essence of this niche market and its potential of achieving organic products at affordable prices for consumers

Today, Andrius focuses his energies studying business strategy, company culture development and consumer goods markets across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, in his spare time his Hobbies include meditation, fishing and tennis.

david oneill


David O’Neill


As a senior manager for the past 30 years, David has successfully managed a wide portfolio of blue-chip National and International Brands. With a wide variety of experience in negotiating with major retailers and international blue-chip manufacturers at a senior management level, he has worked with Nestle across the UK, Ireland and Switzerland for over 20 years, he was managing director of Stafford Lynch Sales & Marketing for 7 years and managing director of SHS Sales & Marketing Ireland for 8 years, and has been a member of ESMA for the past 18 years. David served as President of ESMA in 2013.