Azamet Pro

I’m pleased to welcome as a New Manufacturer Member – Azamet PRO who are involved in the production of Wellness, Functional and Gourmet Foods using only Natural Ingredients


A warm welcome to Valentina Uzun, Owner and CEO of AZAMET GROUP, Moldova.


Azamet PRO was founded back in 2007 where Valentina was involved in the production of high quality foods under the Brand BIOTECA, today Valentina is exporting her Brands to 9 countries.

Products to increase the quality of life based on:-

  • Seeds – grape, hemp, rose hip, safflower, milk thistle
  • Nuts – walnut, almond
  • Stones – apricot, plum, peach


Over the years, Valentina has built a total of 3 very successful Business Platforms as follows:-

  • AZAMET GRUP which is 3 Logistic Centres located in Balti, Chisinau and Ceadir-Lunga
  • AZAMET PRO which is the Production Plant based in Ceadir-Lunga and finally
  • AZAMET PLUS which is a chain of Pizza Restaurants under the Brand of Andy’s Pizza based in Cahul, Comrat and Ceadir-Lunga

Valentina would be very happy to discuss her Business Platforms with any of our ESMA Members  


Valentina can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-


MD 6101, str. Bugeacului 23 Or Ceadir-Lunqa UTA Gaqauzia

Phone:+373 795 306 31


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