Java Republic

A warm welcome to our latest New Manufacturer Member - Grace O’ Shaughnessy, Managing Director of Java Republic, Ireland


Who is Java Republic?

Founded in 1998, Java Republic is a proudly independent Irish owned company producing artisan hand roasted coffee and hand crafted tea, based in Ballycoolin, Dublin, Ireland.
What do we do?

Sources, produces, blends and packages the world’s finest and best tasting grade coffee beans and whole leaf teas.
What do we believe in?

Java Republic believes in offering their staff, growers, customers and consumers the best coffee and tea experience on the planet, from crop to cup. We have made it our mission in life to delight coffee and tea lovers everywhere. We are the experts, passionate about the product, the process and conscientious about the people.
Grace maybe contacted through the following connection platforms:-
Java Republic – Mitchelstown Road, Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15, Ireland.
Phone: +353 877870525
Website :

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